if you want it, you have to go and get it

If you want it, you have to go and get it. Could it really be that freaking simple? I mean, really, could it be that simple?


In February I was in New York City for a training with Equinox (the amazing company I work for and LOVE) and I had no intention other than to be a model student in the workshops and have some after work cocktails with my pals. Innocent and easy. But in the midst of this trip my eye was captivated by someone…I played it cool (like you ever had to question that, right?)…and just kept it professional. Well, there may have been an occasional girlish giggle with my good friend Jeffrey Scott, but professional nonetheless. Training was over and I was on the plane back to LA and mind was still on NYC boy. This was new. Without airing all my dirty laundry about failed relationships and past mistakes with boys who act at least a decade than their real age, lets just say I needed a rest from any male rejection and or games. I was sooooo happy being alone and enjoying that freedom. Long story short, I went after this hunch. I wanted to know more and I knew the only way it would happen would  be if I went after it, so I did. Boom. Thank goodness for social media. It made the approach to NYC boy much easier and less stalkerish, but I made the move and within seconds (yes, pretty much seconds), he responded and the rest was history.

Now, if NYC boy (now boyfriend) came into the picture a year ago I would have been far to fearful to experience rejection or the embarrassment of him saying he was not interested, but it iss a new year, a new me and new attitude on life. I saw what I wanted and I went for it.

Easier said then done, maybe, but practice makes perfect.

I absolutely love these three rules. I am living by them, not just with this experience but in every path of life.

4 thoughts on “if you want it, you have to go and get it

  1. i feel like i need to make some giant airplane leaps. not just in a sense of deepening my relationships or career, but also making leaps and bounds away from situations and people who consistently fail and hurt me no matter how much i love on them… that is so much harder for me than springing into something new…. the letting go of the old.
    love you.

    • I love giant airplane leaps…even out of planes 🙂 I think that is a great idea and I am here to support you in the process and always around to listen. Proud of you – and inspired by you each day! Love you

  2. That’s awesome, Angela!! You deserve it. And you put it all out there for us to see. I think we have all experienced that fear!! Way to go!! : )
    Love the three rules too!!!

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