a love letter for you

Dear Angela,

I hope you never settle

I want you to wake up each morning with a glow that transcends fear, doubt and worry

I wish you love, pure, unconditional love from yourself first and foremost

Forgive yourself

Forgive your family

Forgive your friends

Forgive your exes

Let those that hurt you go. And I mean GO.

Write letters to those that you care for

Express your intentions

If someone wants to be in your life, let them in, share your love, your passion and your heart with them

Own your transparency

Embrace your mystery

If a man wants to hold your heart, trust him with it

Do not let those that broke you in the past define who someone is to you now

Get lost in a beautiful moment.

Be free

Those that broke you down in the past, let them have peace.

It is okay to be alone. Repeat that over and over because you are never alone when you are unveiling bits and pieces of who you are meant to become

Self discovery is life’s greatest gift, cherish it, accept it, love it

Stop looking, start doing.

Be patient

Be bold



Do what makes you supremely happy and stop at nothing to do that everyday.

It is never too late. Ever.

Believe that you have something to special to share with the world and no one else has this, just you.

Compete with no one.

Support those who want to do what you do, go where you want to go as there is no shortage to success and there is room for everyone. We all deserve to make it. All of us.


Move your body.


Passionately, with purpose and feel it. Really feel it.

Love is everywhere and in everywhere, choose to see this and not judgement.

A man who wants to be with you will not fear your honesty, they will support it, encourage it and never act in a way that you disregard you to feel insecure.

Being cheated on sucks, bad, but so does stubbing your toe. Let it hurt, scream, cry and move on. It is part of life.

Feeling alone is normal, but not permanent, believe in the process.

Remember that to love someone else you must love yourself first.

Date yourself, get to know your wants, your desires, where you want to be in five, ten, twenty years, take walks, go to movies alone, be absolutely positively certain of what you need to fulfill yourself before sharing that connection with another person.

When you know, you will know, until then try again, and again and again.

There is nothing wrong in taking a chance, in fact it is insanely beautiful to free fall into the unknown of interpersonal connection.

Everyone who enters your life is capable of teaching you something about yourself, listen, pay attention, write it down, apply it moving forward.

You are amazing. Say it, write it down, believe it.

You are exactly where you need to be.

Laugh at the hard times, smile at the simple moments and enjoy the ride.

This life is meant to be lived not watched.

Never ever end the day thinking “I wish I did that, said that, expressed that…”

Sleep with no regrets.

Awake with intention.

Start again.

Every day, every breath is an opportunity to make a shift.

Collect the shifts time after time and continue to make yourself who you are meant to be.

Heal those that need your help and offer it without a return gesture.

Reflection is ok, over analyzing is not.

Thinking is encouraged, negative self talk is not.

Above all, love comes first, and that love is for you. When you shine the world notices. Bask in the glow and give back, share the light with those in the dark. Believe that you have the power and the energy to lift this world up and do so with compassion and your wit…

Love hard baby bear. Love hard.

DSC_9449.2bw - Version 2


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