either this or that…

4:45am and the alarm goes off. I was not really sleeping for the past three hours as I knew I had an early morning and could not miss the alarm as today was a big, big, big day, so I had that kind of sleep where your body is sleeping, the eyes are closed but the mind if active as a hamster wheel, just going and going and going. Also, I was in a new bed (courtesy of my best man, Jeffrey Scott and his fabulous abode and possibly my future home – his guest house was really meant for me…) and there has been a lot going on with work, life and love lately that the mind just was not settled and I was SUPER anxious about my first DVD/Video Fitness Shoot with Jay Blahnik and Josh Crosby for Indo-Row and Shockwave. Needless to say lots happening upstairs in the brain and missing my big day was not an option. I needed to be in tip-top shape.


Alarm goes off, typical brushing of the teeth and shower etc, nothing special and then I go to plug-in the curling iron, not once, but twice, three times in every outlet in Jeffrey’s guest house, nothing, it is not the power, it is MY F*&%#NG curling iron. Come on! I mean COME ON!  Now, this curling iron and I have a close relationship…my hair may just be the one claim to fame I have, so the curls are imperative to this big, big, big day at the DVD shoot. I cannot let these gentlemen down and not deliver on the curls, right??) Anyhow, to no avail, the curling iron is dead. RIP Curling Iron, you gave me a good fourteen months, but you are dead to me now.

so…what did I do? I sent a semi-panic text to Jeffrey and then thought about it…this is my moment to choose.

Will I either?


I put on the rest of my make-up and decided, “Angela, it is what it is, deal with it and move on.” So I did. You may be thinking, come on girl, it is only a curling iron, but it was a pattern, it was a ritual and now I had to confront the disruption of the pattern. It may sound trivial, but the message is the same. When life doesn’t always swing in your direction, take a moment, step back and count your blessings.

At 5:17am I took a moment, stepped back and counted my blessings:

1. I was beyond grateful for this INCREDIBLE opportunity today. To work side-by-side with the fitness superstars today was a dream come true.

2. I have my health

3. I have AMAZING friends, family and co-workers that are inspiring and supportive

4. I have a man who I love, really do love.

5. I am blessed to be alive

So, the curling iron may have croaked today, but my stride did not break. When life doesn’t swing your way, will you either freak out and lose control or keep calm and carry on?

Up to you…but take a moment, step back and count your blessings THEN make that choice.

I am so grateful beyond words for the fitness family I was able to spend today with, you ALL give me so much to aspire to. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I honor and respect all of you so very much.

2 thoughts on “either this or that…

  1. what a DREAM! Cant wait to see the video Angela 🙂 I work as a fitness pro in San Francisco and teach for Equinox. Would LOVE to get a chance to visit SoCal and meet you – YOU inspire 🙂 Congrats on a great fitness project and hope to connect with you in person in the future!

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