busy is the new skinny

We (I included) have adopted the mentality the less sleep, more moving and never taking days off is the way to achieve my goals.

With the addition of my Lu Bear to my life everything has shifted. And I mean everything. I plan my life in 3 – 4 hour intervals to ensure she is getting the love, sleep, potty training and playtime she needs. I joke that I got Lucy to force myself to slow down. And I have, well, I am learning to start to slow down.

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At our annual Equinox GFM Forum we attended a lecture that spoke about how we almost compete with one another with how much work we do, how little sleep we operate on and essentially how we can one up each other by NOT taking care of ourselves.



I love to be busy, in fact it was the only way I was able to get over my last break up. I threw myself into work so much that I did not have time to process the hurt I was enduring. And ironically I am reflecting on it now. As life has slowed down (but is no less productive) I can say honestly that I feel okay. I have shaken off the pain and learned some very valuable lessons on what to look for in my mate and listen & act on my intuition.

At an early age it was always about how can I do more, take on additional responsibility and be the very best…to this day I still have these desires, it is how I thrive and will continue to do so, but what I am experiencing now is the quintessential balance of life.

There is a quote “I am not in competition with anyone, I hope we all make it.” And I do. There is only one of me and there is only one of all of you. We all have something special about us that will lead us to where and what we were meant to do in our lives.


I am destined to serve. I am meant to share. I am inspired to help. I have a sensitive soul and to some that is a turn on and to many others that is intimidating, but in the right time with the right person it will just click. I want to be able to express my experiences in life, love and all things fitness to help those who need a spark to ignite that fire within.

I am blessed to have women, men, mentors, friends and family who want nothing more than to see me happy & successful and on the other side of the coin I have many who would not hesitate trampling on me on their way to their goals but that is unfortunately a fierce reality in business and in life. It is about identifying who the real friends and companions are and loving them fearlessly and with abandon.


Busy right now is the new skinny and I am hoping soon enough we can slow down, find the balance and be productive in less time with more attention to our health and happiness as a holistic approach rather than a competition to see who is doing what, how much of it and for how long…

For lack of a better phrase, stop and smell those roses. Savor the moment. Pause, think, feel and share.

When you can move past the I need to/I have to BS you can zero on the real stuff that will fulfill you that will essentially make you irresistible to your career and love.

Timing is everything and I am learning that as I open my heart up unconditionally to my lil Lu bear I am opening my eyes up to the potential of loving again…I had been bitter, hurt and sad and turned that into busy to cope and shut myself out of all candidates. It is time to let it in, be open, be brave and maybe just maybe let the flow of love I have with Lucy be the catalyst for something new, something incredible, something breathtaking and something to share. Who knows…maybe it is there already…

photo 2



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