training for life…

I am training for life yo!

Life can be rough, there are ups and downs and there are also those spectacular moments when you press pause and say “hey, my life is pretty fucking awesome.”

I have been experiencing more of the latter lately and I wanted to share a few things I have done.

1. I ditched my trailer/s


I wrote about this a while back in my blog.

I ditched one of my trailers this month, and phew, let me tell you, I feel so much lighter…like I am free. When you are so engulfed in your own shit it is close to impossible to see beyond it, and lets face it, that is normal, it means that you were invested into someone or something and that is part of life. Life is about connection and relationship building…these two things of course are imperfect by definition

2. I am learning to STOP taking things personal. 


Isn’t there a book series “Don’t sweat the small stuff?'” Pretty sure. That author knows what’s up. Life is beautiful people. Yes, there are some life changing moments that will ROCK our world, but the other stuff…the jealousy, the judgement, the anger, the short-term fixes to deep-rooted hurt are NOT going to get us to where we want to go…So I stopped attaching to other’s people’s shit that had nothing to do with me. I think I was called cold/callous and that is certainly not the case, I have just chosen to be deliberate in what I take on and what I let go of.

3. Yoga, I practice that on the daily. 

Yup, more yoga = happier Angela. It is not just nailing some new ninja moves with my girl Angela or guy Brent, it is about getting on my mat, in my time and just breathing. Yoga is tuning into the moment and taking everything else out of the equation that is muddying up the waters. There is a clarity that occurs when I am able to be in my body, totally present, listening to my breath, feelings my aches, enjoying the playfulness and creativity of movement of my own limbs…its simply breathtaking.


4. Re-defining my relationships

Society paints some pretty inaccurate pictures of what interpersonal relationships should look like, what the relationship between your family and friends should be and the relationship within yourself usually gets the short end of the stick. Relationships with others come and go but the relationship you have with yourself, well, that one is around 4EVA friends. It is high time we start paying attention to that one first. For thirty years this was the one relationship I avoided the most and I am realizing what a huge mistake that was…BUT I caught it at the ripe age of thirty and I am already feeling like a bizzilion bucks for making that shift. Now, let me clarify, this is not a selfish move, this is a decision based on survival and generosity for the community I serve. My very wise therapist told me, “you are the most important person in your life.” Too bad it took me four years to listen, but I finally got it! I have to be feel strong inside and out to serve my community. It is that simple to say, but apparently not as easy as I thought it would be to DO.

Re-Defining relationships also means that I have thrown out the relationship “ideals” and embraced my reality. Does it look perfect? No. Does it feel perfect? No. Is it ever going to be perfect? Hell no! But these relationships I have are now being treated on an individual basis with no pre-disposition on what they should feel/look like. The choice to let go of what you “think” a relationship should be and start creating your own definition, well, that is where the fun and connection can really begin.

5. I am in love…


…with my life. I am fiercely, goo goo ga ga  head over heels in love with my life. I am blessed beyond words to work beside a core group of mentors who inspire me everyday and challenge me to work hard and think outside the box to inspire our community.

I was talking to a co-worker Frank and we were chatting about why we do what we do and even though we had some different words, the sentiment was the same.

I will go on record and say “I do what I do everyday so I can serve the entire world in a way that inspires those to live a healthier and happier life…because when you are fit from within your heart & soul and feel strong & confident in your own skin, well that is when the glow starts to show, the infectious smiles and positivity flow and the desire to be a significant source of service to the community is a pleasure rather than a duty…the shift happens from within and is inspired by physical movement on the outside.”

So there you have it…I am training for life yo!

What are you all training for?

2 thoughts on “training for life…

  1. Awesome post! I kept trying to paste and excerpt I loved most from your inspiring words but as a whole it was too good to point to any one thing! Thanks for reminding me, “it all starts with me”.

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