what moves me…

slow dancing



developing talent…and seeing that talent thrive

smiles from strangers

inspiring others to move

random compliments

brisk fall mornings



loud laughter

dancing alone

moving with freedom

compassion for others



empathy for friends

songs that makes me go “hmmmmmm….”

baring my soul to a man who craves it

knowing I am alone and content

believing there is a bigger purpose for me on this earth to elevate, uplift and energize our wellness community

moving on

falling for the first time


my mentors

no walls


yoga (yup, said it twice)


all night long text conversations

no holds barre passionate kissing (miss this one…)

pure forgiveness



loyal men

friendships that evolve over the years…they do not dissipate, they simply ebb and flow


I think I could go on and on and on about what moves me. I thought I would highlight that PEOPLE in general move me. The art and complexity of human connection is a story that will never end. The compilation of the characters and events over the years will move us, challenge us and ultimately change us. Life is far too short to get caught up in what frustrates us. Spend your energy on what MOVES you and do more of that, embrace more of those things, people or places and for heaven’s sake, LOVE your life.

My life is far from perfect, but everyday I get closer to what moves me and omit what frustrates me. This is a constant struggle because what frustrates us is often familiar, easy and unfortunately often destructive. If you hang up the phone, walk away from a conversation and experience discomfort or uncertainty…red flag…it is not worth it.

Our energy is best spent on what moves us, what we are passionate about and what we can speak of with conviction.

Living a pure life is not just about how we move, what we eat and how we take care of our bodies, it is about the love we have for ourselves and how we share that with our community.

Take a moment and write down what moves you…then ask: “How often am I doing these things…?” If you are at a loss, reflect then reevaluate and make a plan to bring the passion back!

Writing for all of you moves me…more that I could express. You deserve pure honesty and that is what you will get!




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