Ditch the Trailer

Ditch the Trailer.


I said this the other day to a good friend of mine, without really thinking it through and then of course I joked and said I was going to write a book about dropping trailers and then I thought, wait, I totally could write about that shit.

I could go into the literal meaning of dropping a trailer, but I am going to speak metaphorically for the purpose of connection. I personally hold onto a lot of stuff long after I should have let it go. When I say stuff I am referring to emotional pain, trauma, hurt or bs. Ironic because in other areas of my life I keep things so clean, so clutter free, I do not keep clothes or material objects if I am not using them – gone, just like that, done and done. But emotions, well, those suckers like to linger and I store them up and let them mess with my game.

So, I ditched on of my trailers this month, and phew, let me tell you, I feel so much lighter…like I am free. When you are so engulfed in your own shit it is close to impossible to see beyond it, and lets face it, that is normal, it means that you were invested into someone or something and that is part of life. Life is about connection and relationship building…these two things of course are imperfect by definition.


A little history…I was that girl many years ago that was numb to emotion, rarely showed it, shared it or put it out there. Then I fell into a spiral of insecurity and emotional games and let that rip me of my backbone…so seven plus years later I am starting to take that control back and it is not an easy road to walk, but it is worth it.

So from going to someone who did not acknowledge emotions to OVER thinking them I am meeting in the middle and finding the balance of it all. Learning how to walk away when a relationship is hurting you rather than helping you, or a bowing out of a situation that is damaging rather than challenging and of course finding the sweet spot where you are in a reciprocal connection with yourself and others…that is the journey, that is hard work we are putting in as a community.


Ditch the trailer. Whatever you are keeping, you are keeping because you are afraid of what is on the other side of what is holding you back. Yes, it is fearful, yes there is uncertainty and yes you may be naked and alone in the emotional world, but what is worse… being suffocated under a situation/relationship that is no serving you or feeling the freedom of your future…? No judgement. Yours truly here kept A LOT of trailers over the past thirty years (more in the last seven or so)…but the past few weeks without the extra weight have been incredibly clear, exciting, freeing and FUN.


There could be a lot of assumptions as to where and what and who I  could be referring to, and that is mostly why I write in general terms because I want to share my story and experience, but above all I want to share to inspire, to invigorate, to ignite reflection and action. And that is subjective to you all…I am inspired by so many people and things and even more so I am walking through life with my eyes wider than ever and it is SO MUCH brighter on this side.

I encourage you to see what trailers you are hauling with you each day and ask yourself if you can consolidate and or even ditch it completely.

Get crazy. Be free. Push forward. Choose love. Remove Fear. Ditch the trailer.


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