Lashaun Dale…pure sunshine

Lashaun Dale is the epitome of inspiration…she radiates creativity, love, passion, sincerity and strength in simply her breath…


I met Lashaun over email three plus years ago…she was the National Creative Director for Equinox and I thought to myself…”this big-time executive is so kind, so open to feedback and really wants to know how we (the operators on the ground) feel about our programs…” That is atypical…especially in a large company like Equinox. Having a leader like Lashaun is a blessing.


The first time I actually met Lashaun was a few months into my gig and she was taking a Tabata class and ran out and gave me a hug…it was the sweetest moment…not sure is she remembers it, but I certainly do. I was so beyond excited to be hugging this person whom I admired, respected and simply adored without even knowing her like I know her now.


Cut to a couple of years later I had the pleasure of going to New York to be a part of the ETC and Shockwave trainings…this is where I feel Lashaun & I started to develop a foundation…I absolutely LOVED how Lashaun connected with instructors. She has this way about her that holds the space so sweetly and confidently. That is the yoga…her practice has given her an added element of energy work that is unparalleled. She understands how to set the quality in the space, cultivate it and learn from it…it is remarkable.


I digress…back to the training…I was SO inspired by the creative process that I confided in Lashaun that I wanted to created a class of my own and she jumped on the chance to say she would help me. Now that my friends is also rare…You would think that the fitness community is all sunshine and rainbows, but there is a lot of ego and competitiveness…NOT Lashaun. She lives and breathes the philosophy that we are all one. We are in this life together and the better move and breathe together the better the universe will be. Amen. Preach.


Fast forward over the past year I have had the PLEASURE to work with Lashaun on closer professional level and my love and affection for her grow every time we connect. I sometimes pinch myself that I get to converse, collaborate and work side by side with Lashaun. I know I am blessed and I have made a promise to myself to soak up anything and everything I can from her…she is a wealth of knowledge and positivity.


Lashaun thrives on education, knowledge and self-discovery. Her hunger for understanding life, love and the body is beyond inspiring…Now as the Senior National Creative Director for Equinox she is always searching on how we can improve our programs, our instructors and members…Lashaun is the other half (Lisa Wheeler is the other half) to the drive, focus and creativity behind Equinox Group Fitness…and I will say for the record, we do have the best Group Fitness programming in the country – hands down.

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As I get to work EVEN closer with Lashaun I cannot wait to be challenged, inspired and motivated to look through another lens and sharpen my skill set as a presenter and creator in this industry. I have prayed for a mentor like Lashaun and my prayers have been answered…


Lashaun has been elevating, uplifting and serving this fitness/healthy lifestyle community for many years…check out her bio for a little more light on just how accomplished she is…


For over 20 years I’ve inspired my students and clients to ‘wake up’ while working out, be present, and to have more fun. I find that by combining modern, science-based programs and techniques with age-old healing movement and simple principles, we can create integrative and fun workouts and programs that achieve results safely, effectively and without boredom! Those who attend my classes and followed the emerging method to my madness consistently say that they look and feel younger, stronger, they understand more about their bodies and move better than they have in years, they have more energy, are more focused, their skin glows because they feel happy, they’ve lost weight and they feel fantastic.

My method is simple. It’s about paying attention to what works, finding what you love to do and calling forth your very personal reason for staying the course. Modern Fitness, when fully inspired…is about strengthening yourself daily on a cellular level and making smart meaningful fitness and lifestyle choices to maintain your long-term health and happiness.


Thank you for bringing sunshine and light to all of our lives….as you can see below, I am not the only one who loves you…


“Lashaun is the definition of CREATIVITY in the Fitness world.  Her background in so many different formats makes her the visionary of our department. She is constantly redefining “NEW”.” Sarra Morton


“Lashaun is beyond AMAZING.  Super creative. Infectious positive ball of energy.  LOVE her.” -Loi Jordon


“Lashaun Dale radiates love, light and has a special connection with people that I can’t even put into words. She is a forward thinker that has a keen sense of “what is next” in the fitness industry like no other person I have ever met. She is a truly extraordinary.” –Jeffrey Scott



Lashaun Dale



Who inspires you? 

I am so turned on by how people are making use of their precious lives…from the challenged and impoverished widow living in a war torn community who manages to find a way to feed and protect her family AND stand up for what she believes to be justice to the entrepreneur who brings forth a well needed solution in the marketplace.  I am inspired by my parents who were able to create their own version of life that was fundamentally different than those around them and I am super inspired by my children who have their own very unique ideas of what is truly important to accomplish on a summer day. 

What was the last experience that made you a stronger person?

Recent criticism from a very influential co-worker was a wake up call that I needed to reset and honor my own internal compass. My lesson…or what I had forgotten was that gratification is an internal state–your personal satisfaction (or dissatisfaction) with the conditions or quality of life is totally up to you and the moment you look outside for it or falsely attribute that power to someone else, you are way off course. 

Five words that best describe you:


2. Loving


4. Curious

5. Committed


What accomplishment are you most proud of?

My glowing lights:   Tevan (7) & Vanessa (5)

What is your basic life philosophy?

I believe we are blessed and I work diligently to bring a radiant light solution to whatever challenge or opportunity presents itself in the day, whether at work or at home or in the mix of the day…  I think life is a collision of all that we love…all aspects of our lives are meant to blend together (career, family, faith) and that the days we live should be re-imagined so as to inspire us to bring forth all of who we are fully as creative expressions of life and spirit.  So I listen carefully to my intuition, and remember that each instance in my day–whether it is a fun one or if it is kicking my butt…is a chance to uplift or add value in whatever small way or great way I can…another more elegant way to say all of this is:

“As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.”
― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Most important relationships in your life are…:


my family and my friends…
How do you lift others up?
I practice my own style of energy work on everyone who comes into my circle and also  share this practice with strangers in need that I might pass on the street or read about in the world.  I would describe it as a mix of reiki meets merlin fueled by the love and support of the angelic realm.  If anything as I do my daily practice it reminds me to be present and to be sure that whatever I say or do is something that I want to be remembered forever. I am also so  so excited to share and contribute–I love mentoring, making connections for people and literally facilitating others to shepherd their new ideas and timely leadership into the world. 
What does a perfect day look and feel like?
With small children, my flow at this season of my life is very much about family
Wake up early–I love the silence of the morning– when the rest of the world is sleeping, I use that time to get clear, connected to the which inspires me & organized
Family time and everybody is fed and off on their day with no drama, no tantrums and  on time  (PS…the never happens!)
Work…if you can call it that , I am so  happy that I do what I love and it feels like I am just conversing and creating and making magic all day long.
Great yoga class or movement class—This is my Fix…if I can sweat to music in a room of  others..strangers or a community I know.  I am a recharged energizer bunny…
More Family Time dinner/playing/reading/writing/prepping the day to come
Snuggles and Early Bedtime…there is nothing like feeling a child fall asleep in your arms…It is the ultimate renewable resource…
What is your legacy? (what do you want to be known for?)
I think our greatest legacy…beyond the products, programs, ideas and written manifestos that we have the opportunity to leave behind each day is the way people feel around you.  My greatest legacy will be that your memory that I valued you for exactly who you are and that I believed in you probably more than you did yourself.  I also want to be remembered for courage and for being willing to bust through and stand up for not only what is right, but for what matters.  For my greater legacy (besides being a safe haven and guiding light for my children) I also want to be remembered for my contributions to the movement industry and for my advocacy for literacy, children and creative expression.
Best quote:
my favorite quote re gratitude:
“I awoke this morning with devout thanksgiving for my friends, the old and the new.” –Emerson
If you had an extra hour in a day, how would you spend it?
Hands down–Snuggling!
Contact Information:
Facebook: Lashaun Dale
Twitter: @lashaundale
Instagram: lashaundale

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