Caley Alyssa…beauty on top of beauty

I was pretty much putty the first time I met Caley…she was auditioning for Equinox and she was the tenth person I had seen that day and my body was exhausted but her smile, her beauty and her energy was SO uplifting that I can say hands down it was one of the BEST auditions I have even been in, and I have been in many…

Our mutual friend, Brent Laffoon, connected us and I am forever grateful for the intro…Equinox is beyond beyond blessed to snatch up the talented Caley Alyssa…beyond beyond blessed.

Lets shoot it straight – Caley is STUNNING. Hands down one of the most gorgeous women I have ever seen. Yes, I like boys, but her beauty is the kind that makes any person, male or female, stop in their tracks and say…dammmmmmmmmm. BUT, here is the best thing about her; Caley is sooooo down to earth. Laid back, chill, open-minded and down for anything. It is not often you find a stunner like that with a easy going personality…one of a kind she is.


Caley has lived in Los Angeles for less than two years and she is already taking the yoga scene by storm.  She teaches from Santa Monica to West Hollywood and down in Manhattan Beach (thank goodness!!) and is getting RAVE reviews from a tough yoga crowd…these yoga peeps expect high-quality teaching (as they should) because they have been blessed with the best instructors in the nation…I would go on record saying the Santa Monica/LA is the yoga mecca of brilliant teachers and mentors. This alone makes it challenging to find a lane to teach in and then to be successful on top of that is even more difficult. But she has done it, she is doing it and can say with confidence that she will continue to be a big presence in this community for years to come.

Caley is also a Certified Holistic Health Counselor through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the only nutrition school integrating all the different dietary theories…yes…she is super smart too!

She and her friends have started an awesome movement called #dailysoul …a space that people all over can share what they are doing to feed their soul…whether it is a yoga pose, a walk on the beach, a night out with friends…it is a place where people in the community can connect and share what it is that feeds their soul…check it out on Instagram #dailysoul

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Caley has also mastered the art of instagramming…her IG account and the photos she captures are just the bomb bizzle. Now that instagram has videos, the content she is putting up is just that much more impressive. Caley is the real yoga deal…not just her physical asana practice, but her off the mat intentions, goal-oriented and balance driven approach to life is proving to be very successful…

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oh yea…she also models for lululemon – no big deal…kidding!!!! look at her!947140_10100891770212256_1849160523_n

We keep saying that we are going to grab a glass of wine and chat about life but time slips away from us both…but I am sure it will happen one day and I am sure I will fall a little bit more in love with her. hahaha….I digress 🙂

Thank you for grabbing life by the reigns and kicking’ some serious butt. You ARE an inspiration to many and you are making a huge splash in the community by elevating, uplifting and serving all of us with your goodness and pure beauty.


Caley Alyssa


Who inspires you? 


My mom: She is SO strong and such a giver, always putting others first and loving with her whole heart.

My sister: She is driven to be independent and shares everything that she accomplishes/acquires.

My brother: He is the most creative and kind hearted man I know. Loyal and accepting of everyone.



My yoga community. I am so inspired by the drive, support and encouragement of the LA yoga instructors, it’s truly amazing. I have been so blessed to have such amazing friends and teachers in my community who have taken me under their wings and helped me to find my way in this yoga saturated town. Mary Beth La Rue helped me find my first class here at Studio Surya Yoga, Brent Laffoon helped me to get into The Hub and Equinox, and Vytas Baskauskas has supported me along my journey by having me sub his classes at Power Yoga East. My teachers Krista and Brock Cahill and Heather Seiniger helped me to get my practice to a point where I felt comfortable teaching ANYONE. I am so grateful for all these people, and more. I intend to repay the favor and pass the buck along to the next yoga generation!


What was the last experience that made you a stronger person?

Leaving my job in finance to teach yoga and be a holistic health coach full time. It was so scary to think about not having a 401k and regular paycheck every two weeks. But low and behold, I am here, alive, happy, and, I would even go so far as to say that I am thriving!


Five words that best describe you:


1. Motivated

2. Strong

3. Curious

4. Friendly

5. Energetic


What accomplishment are you most proud of?

Becoming an Ambassador and modeling for LuluLemon was huge for me. I am really so blessed to be able to work with them on an ongoing basis, and that they still want to work with me!



What is your basic life philosophy?

Be true to yourself and your body. Do what feels right. Live BIG. Eat Greens. Love fully.


Most important relationships in your life are…:

My family and friends. I think of my friends as my chosen family, they are all so important and such an integral part of my daily life. I am truly blessed in the department!


What does a perfect day look and feel like?

Waking up to my sweet little dog snuggling me, taking him on a long walk while sipping on an almond chai late. Practicing yoga (and getting SUPER sweaty) quick rinse, then off to the beach to soak up some sunshine. Meet my friends (aka chosen family) for a glass of wine and early dinner. Hot bath, jump in bed with a good book, and do it all over again.

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What is your legacy? 

I want to inspire confidence. I want to believe in you when you can’t, and to believe in you until you can. I want you to know then you might not be able to do a handstand…YET. I want to connect you with others who will help you to thrive. I want to help you LIVE you life to the fullest with soul, and passion. Let me help you shine!


Best quote: 

Do Something. Even if it’s wrong. ~Grandpa Bob


How do you lift others up?

That’s tough to say about yourself. I only hope that I lift others up. I hope that by teaching my students to believe in themselves, providing them with a space to explore that belief and it’s strength, and feeding them with love as motivation, they feel lifted up. I can only hope…if I’ve ever made one person feel this way, then SUCCESS!


If you had an extra hour in a day, how would you spend it?

Getting a massage. For sure. On a beach. With a cool breeze blowing through my cabana and a ice cold coconut water awaiting me. Can you tell I need a vacation??


Contact Information

Facebook: Caley Alyssa 

Twitter: CaleyAlyssa 

Instagram: Caley Alyssa (






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