Brent Laffoon…a spiritual compass and so much more

Brent and I met across the Front Desk counter at Equinox back in September of 2012…I remember the handshake, the eye contact, the warm smile and the energy that was transferred. I know, it may sound all too much like a love at first sight meeting, but it is not, do not get me wrong, Brent is easy on the eyes, but it was an energetic connection that just felt like the universe was aligning. After that meeting I jumped into his yoga class and fell hard and fast for his teaching…

This guy is the REAL MOTHER F’IN deal when it comes to living his yoga, walking his talk and putting his work in to living his life with integrity and heart. I try and take Brent’s class once a week not just for the physical component to it, it is challenging, yes, but the philosophy he weaves in is so accessible, so poinent and applicable. Understanding the philosophy of yoga, the whys behind our actions, the learning from the experiences and the settling into ourselves can be lofty and overwhelming to stomach…it is a lot – especially if taking a look inward is foreign to you. One of the things I admire in Brent’s teaching is he takes some big themes and pieces them apart in a simple way and then builds them back up to make so much more sense after the break down…this is the teacher in him, the teacher he may not know he is, but the teacher that is felt by all his students…

Brent is also a great friend…as his “boss” it is tricky to walk the line of being a friend and then holding the space to have a difficult conversation if it presents itself, but with Brent it could not be farther that the situation. There is a mutual professional respect and then our sincere friendship is on the side of the – I can sooooo appreciate someone who can make the switch. So refreshing! This guy is down to learn and challenge his own practice daily. Brent picked up Animal Flow this past year and is teaching that at Equinox as well…such a good workout…a must try! A jack of all trades…

Back to Brent being a bad ass yoga teacher…I was stunned to know he had only been teaching for a couple years, he speaks from a voice of wisdom and experience that would have you believing he was born on his hands and throwing up arm balances since he was three years old…not the case. He is rather new to the yoga scene in Los Angeles, but within a matter of a year he has already established himself as one of this city’s finest. And he is just that.

Brent can make anyone feel comfortable in his class because he creates these mini communities where the students no longer just come to learn from him they come to move and sweat together. I love this for many reasons, but the main one is that yoga means “union.” It means to come together and Brent brings his students together…now if we can just continue to take that movement outside the space than we are really living our yoga.

Brent also gives some of the best advice…and I have put a lot of “blah” on his plate this past year and he listens intently, asks challenging questions to dig deeper and then keeps it light, keeps it simple by bringing some big picture perspective into the conversation…I just cherish our talks as they have helped me immensely to process events and relationships.

If you all have not had a chance to take a yoga class from Brent, I am asking you to GO NOW! Stop what you are doing and get your down dog on with Brent. I can assure you will not be disappointed.

Thank you Brent for living your yoga, believing in everything you teach and sharing it all with your students and being the bright and shiny light that you are…we are a better community because you elevate, uplift and serve us all just by being YOU.


Brent Laffoon


Who inspires you?

People who get up every day and do the best they can to be the best they can.  People who work hard to overcome their fears.  People who don’t give up.  People who are kind.

What was the last experience that made you a stronger person?

There were two:  Forgiving someone who hurt me, and then forgiving myself a few months later when I hurt someone else who I love very much.

 Five words that best describe you:

1. Honest

2. Thoughtful

3. Loving

4. Determined

5. Weird

 What accomplishment are you most proud of?

Turning my life around after struggling with depression and becoming successful both in my career as well as in my personal relationships.

What is your basic life philosophy?

Everything is as it should be… otherwise it would be different 🙂

Most important relationships in your life are…:

All of them!  Family, friends, loved ones, students, fellow teachers

What does a perfect day look and feel like?

There are many perfect settings… most of them involve a beach and a warm climate with some slightly overhead barrelling waves. Beyond that, it involves being surrounded by people I love with some good books to read, some good music playing, some good food to eat and everyone in good health.

 What is your legacy? (what do you want to be known for?)

I would hope that one day people will think of me as someone who always believed in the best in people and who encouraged and inspired others to believe in and find the best within themselves.  I would also like to help as many people as possible understand the larger meaning of yoga beyond just the physical aspect and help them discover their own practice, one that is constantly evolving to meet their changing needs as individuals who are part of a larger society.

 Best quote:

“Ripeness is all.” -Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

How do you lift others up?

By encouraging them to see possibilities instead of limitations and to work hard every day to make those possibilities a reality.  Also by encouraging them to love themselves for who they are rather than feeling bad for who they’re not.

If you had an extra hour in a day, how would you spend it?

Reading, writing, playing guitar, walking on the beach, surfing, sleeping, hanging with my girlfriend, hanging with friends… a million ways!

Contact Information


Twitter: @brentlaffoon

Instagram: brentanamo_bay

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