Suzy Nece…hands down hilarious with a PURE SOUL

Suzy and I are road dogs…I met Suzy over five years ago…she was the Group Fitness Manager at Equinox in Palos Verdes and I was starting out as an Assistant GM. The first time I met Suzy she reached out and hugged me…not that that is the biggest deal, but that IS Suzy. She is a hugger, she is a lover, she is a healer, she is an energy reader.

Before working for Equinox I had been interested in yoga…had not practiced…had not taken a class, it was Suzy who got me onto my mat and encouraged me to explore what surfaced. It took a few objections from me before I conceded and just took her class. I was in PURE AWE of how damn articulate, raw, real and fucking hilarious she was. She made yoga real, approachable, attainable and above all personal…meaning there was no adamant, rigid or right or wrong way to practice yoga…yoga was a chance for me to look inside and clear space to listen to my true self and let that guide my actions


She inspired me to dive right into my 200-hour yoga training after only practicing with her for a year or so…and I am so happy that I listened to her and took her advice because I can honestly say I have NO idea where I would be without her encouragement to follow my heart and pursue my dreams.

So…..Suzy is my yoga mama… but more importantly she is SO MUCH more than just that to SO many other people. Suzy is a yoga princess of the South Bay. She might hit me for using that word…but she is yoga royalty when it comes to this pocket of LA. After her stint at Equinox she purchased the YogaLoftMB and has created such an incredible, intimate and FUN space to practice yoga.


I feel like this is all so fresh as I was able to spend two days in a row with Suzy and I already feel like a stronger, happier, more aware and connected version of myself by simply having real, deep, wildly inappropriate and honest conversations with her. Suzy is one of the few people in my life I can say anything to without a filter because Suzy does not judge, she does not talk shit, she is a true friend and she will tell me like it is, push me when I need to be pushed, hug me when I need a squeeze and lift me up and I need some motivation.

Suzy’s yoga classes are a balance of impeccable sequencing, creative, honest, spiritual, racy, challenging, introspective, sprinkled with appropriate humor and possibly the BEST hands on adjustments you will ever feel. When Suzy touches you, she touches you…she is giving you her love, spirit and healing…I miss having the luxury of taking her class every week when we worked together…Those were some good times. We shared an office that my boss at the time called the “sorority office” because we would just talk and talk all day long…ahhhhh memories….


Suzy is hands down one the most incredible women on the planet. She has the gift of making yoga accessible to anyone, she makes you believe that you are the creator of your path and the source to change your direction if you want…she inspires you to be great, not just good, but great and that kind of selfless motivation for others comes from a soul that is rich in love, generosity and kindness.

Suzy is also the coolest mother in town…she has raised the most beautiful, sweet, funny, artistic, fearless and creative girl…Izzy is a blessing and a true reflection of Suzy’s heart and soul.


Thank you Suzy for elevating the yoga community the way you stay true to who you are and the yoga you practice…thank you for uplifting all who look to you for guidance, for support and for help – you never disappoint, ever….and thank you for serving our yoga community…not just the students but the teachers…you have a gift to take a practice that can appear grandiose and breaking it down to the most simple of concepts and making it a personal and intimate experience. The gifts you have are simply to incredible to be shared with the world…I mean how many HOT, wicked funny and talented yoga teachers are there around??? you are ONE OF A KIND.


I honestly could write a thousand more words and funny stories about Suzy and how much I love her and everything she has done for me and still does for me to this day but I want you to read about her, from her. She is funny. Downright hilarious. I am warning you all now…I was crying in laughter when she sent this to me…

I swear we meet people for a reason, season or a lifetime and Suzy is a woman I will know and have in my heart and soul for the rest of my life. I mate for life and I have chosen a mate in her…

I love you with all my heart.

XOXO (PS…I wrote this slightly intoxicated…I knew you would be proud of that… :))

Suzy Nece




Who inspires you? 

Everyone- it’s really hard to be a human –

People who make a change through laughter – Who use the common thread of laughter to weave people together – to heal pain through the light of laughter- Today…I’m into Carol Burnett, Will Ferrell, Dennis Leary – Tomorrow…Patton Oswald, Richard Pryor & anyone who has something funny to say about the Kardasians….

Personally:, My daughter: Izzy- My parents: who taught me to laugh- My sisters: for supporting each other & surviving adolescents, My students: who are up for the challenge of stepping onto the mat and into themselves & The poor bastard who lives with me…Barbara Striesand…like, before

What was the last experience that made you a stronger person?

Having my daughter- Being there for a friend- Hypno-therapy-

Everyday being a working mom is a true test of strength-There really  aren’t enough books for this shit…

I recently was offered an opportunity to travel to Afghanistan to teach yoga and perform comedy for the Troops- Making that decision has been a big growth experience- I am kind of a wuss- not the best traveler and don’t want to leave my daughter for so long- but…I am stepping into my fear and traveling across the globe in the fall- yikes- I hope my balls drop in time-I am so looking forward to being brave!

Five words that best describe you:

1. silly 

2. contradiction – extraverted/loner – free spirited/control freak

3. high maintenance hippie – I am more of a ‘glam’per

4. son my father never had – 

5. meat eater-spiritual leader with a broken moral compass

+ Dancer, actor, comic, yogi, mom… oh and indecisive!!!!!!

How about 5 words that DON’T describe me-

filter, boundaries, discipline, appropriate, classy

 What accomplishment are you most proud of?

I feel accomplished everyday I wake up- It’s the little things- I am so grateful for my beautiful daughter and am working really hard to be able to afford therapy for her down the road!  I love going to work everyday at Yoga Loft in Manhattan Beach- I have an amazing ocean view studio but MY VIEW IS THE BEST – As my students watch the waves on the ocean – I look back at them and am inspired by the waves of smiles I see – It’s such a privilege to have a front row seat to transformation – Sometimes you have to buckle up as yoga can be a bumpy emotional roller coaster ride- but in the end- we come together -we laugh -we cry -we sing- we snore- we grow as a community and I get to experience this critical mass of peace unfold and flow into stillness/shivasana – I am so freakin’ lucky- My students make me want to be a better version of my self and they lift me up everyday-

 What is your basic life philosophy?

HELP!  I mean help – that is a really hard question –

My dad says: “There are some things in life you can fix and there are some things you just scoop up off your chest and eat.”- It’s not exactly Bob Marley “don’t worry ’bout a thing” but i love the perspective-

Granted, my dad didn’t have the best table manners and he literally was scooping up salsa with a chip off his Adidas t-shirt- but he was saying make the most out of the moment – don’t get caught up in appearances or freak out if things fall apart or fall away- pick yourself up – scoop up the experience and savor it- don’t waste anything – time, friendship, words –  Don’t be embarrassed to be yourself- to fumble – to laugh at yourself

Most important relationships in your life are…: my daughter- is what comes to mind first- which isn’t really a relationship – she is so much more- she feels like an extension of myself – a much better model-So I think the biggest relationship is with your self -getting your mind right, keeping your heart light and your spirit free- Didn’t some hippie say every relationship is a mirror of yourself ?-

Sometimes it’s scary to look in the mirror-You might see is a 3 year old wearing nothing but princess heels and a sequin purse, who tells you she’s “going to the airport & you’re not the boss of her!”

 What does a perfect day look and feel like?

Laughing so hard your heart stops for a second and you have to catch your breath and check and see…yep I’m still breathing…I was just laughing so hard time stopped –

On the beach in a drum circle dancing until I can’t dance anymore so I splash into the ocean, surf with my family and friends and then hit the sand (all by myself)to write until I fall asleep in the sun…and then Brad Pitt & Johnny Depp and the skinny Twilight vampire dude show up and it gets all kinds of weird!

What is your legacy? (what do you want to be known for?)

Legacy is such a big word- I like to put a smile on people’s faces- life can be hard – yoga doesn’t have to be- It’s a fine art, a creative process-

I love to demystify yoga for people – It can be so crunchy and intimidating and it is just the opposite- It’s so simple –

I love to teach people how to practice “their yoga” – not a ritual or a join club they have to chant their way into – but instead to empower them with the tools to be creative and develop a practice that meets their needs and honors their path-One in which they use their injuries or blocks as creative outlets – I love teaching people to laugh – sometimes it’s while they are standing on their heads- sometimes it’s when they didn’t think they could ever laugh again- I think the real sound of Om is a belly laugh – that god is in the laughter-

It makes me feel so good to make other people feel good!

Best quote:

I’m sure I could pull something awesome off of Facebook right now but…lately this has been getting me through

“When people are laughing, they’re generally not killing one another. ”

― Alan Alda

It’s simple but I love Alan Alda he has so much to say…

How do you lift others up?

…with “my own two hands” and humor

If you had an extra hour in a day, how would you spend it?

I wouldn’t spend it I would cherish it…with my little girl-laughing, dancing, singing, crying, snuggling…looking into the mirror of her eyes and telling her – “I’m so lucky God gave me you!”  Then I would tickle the crap out of her!

Contact Information

Facebook: Suzy Nece  & Yoga Loft

Twitter: Yoga Loft MB

Instagram: Yoga Loft



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