Katie Osumi…witty, sweet and just damn awesome

Katie was one of the first instructors I met when I took over Newport Beach Equinox. She was sweet as pie and so welcoming…the transition of changing clubs from the South Bay area down to the OC was nothing short of shell shock…the culture and community was much different than the South Bay but Katie made it so pleasant as she was just so damn nice.

If you have never taken a cycle class from Katie, let me me paint you a picture…You arrive early and she is already there with happy and hip tunes in the background to get you giddy for the ride…mood lighting is on and she is all smiles…she know her room, her students love her back and there is that loud theatre chatter (yes, even at 5:55am), then the lights go down and DJ Katie starts to crank her tunes…her musicality is THE BEST. it is pure perfection (a balance of dirty, sweet, hard and rockin’) and her positive energy is untouchable. Katie coaches the shit out of her students, not just on a performance level but on a community level and a personal level. There is no one in that room that feels alone – they ride together as a team and that is exactly what she is known for – creating a community in her studios. Let’s also be real – her jokes are nothing to shake a stick out. LOL 🙂


Creating a community is no easy task…especially at 6am in the mother f’n morning (I can swear in this blog because I know she will appreciate it). But it is hard to take the time to get to know all your students and their lives and what makes them tick, but she has done it – flawlessly I might add. The success of OC’s cycle program is successful because Katie is leading the charge.


Cycle isn’t the only thing Katie crushes…

she is a Pilates Warrior Princess, she created CorePlay CorePlay™ is a high intensity fitness experience inspired by pilates, yoga, dance conditioning, lotte berk, barre, and whatever else Katie might fancy that will give you long, lean muscles, a youthful, agile body, cardiovascular training and an energized, inspired mind. Aka it is hard as shit. 🙂


she is a actress…yes, she is and she is good.

she is THE women who inspired me to blog. Her blog is f’in hilarious, raw, honest, insightful, brilliant, tough, soft, sweet, delightful, beautifully vulnerable, unassuming and did  mention hilarious? I had to just one more time. Katie’s words are authentic poetry. I often read her blogs and think damn, I must sound like I am illiterate but this is another reason why Katie Osumi is Katie Osumi…she is witty, sweet and just damn awesome.

Katie is also a friend…a damn good one. It is no secret the past year or so has been a rough road for me, but Katie has been an unconditional and loyal friend. I respect her so much that any time she drops some Osumi knowledge my way I listen closely…she speaks from the heart and offers her thoughts and then just lets it be…no pressure, no action needed, just sincere support.

There is no wonder why Katie’s classes and packed to the gills…this woman is someone who elevates herself on a daily basis and by doing that she is able to positively impact every student. Katie uplifts anyone and everyone she talks to…I think every time we have hang out I have peed a little from laughing so hard. And Katie is a woman of service. Day in and day out she gives to her students, her clients, her readers, her hubby and her puppies :)…

Thank you for being undeniably YOU. You are a sensational woman that I am blessed to know!





Who inspires you?

strangers inspire me. people i see in line for coffee offering up a dollar to the guy who’s short on change, the lady at the grocery store who goes out of her way to help a fellow shopper find her special juice, gracious drivers on a busy los angeles street who’ll let me make a right turn in front of them. i’m inspired daily by people who are compassionate and giving without any agenda. this type of kindness makes me feel like we, as a planet, can combat all the big bad monsters out there.
What was the last experience that made you a stronger person?
i’d love to throw this off to some pretty, shiny, gold-star event within the last year that i brag constantly about, but if i’m REALLY honest i must admit the heartbreaking experience of my dad being in jail for the last 10 months has given me a courage and power i never would have known possible. sorrow is an easier emotion to cuddle with than shame. i’ve learned that staying true to my heart and circumstances doesn’t allow any room for shame.
Five words that best describe you:
1. honest
2. loyal
3. kind
4. sarcastic
5. sensitive AKA TERRIBLY insecure……
What accomplishment are you most proud of?
i know my greatest accomplishment has yet to happen. it’s like when i’ve been asked before what was the best class i ever taught; my next class is the hopefully the best i’ll ever teach..and then the next after that…i don’t want to think i’ve peaked yet. jeez?!?
What is your basic life philosophy? 
 “don’t make a mess.” i like rules. i like manners. i like being nice and i like loving on people. shoot me! sure i have the mouth of a sailor, and i can be wildly inappropriate amongst friends, but as far as my life philosophy i believe in civility, grace, being sweet even to the ones who bite back, and unabashedly dancing even if there isn’t any music playing.
Most important relationships in your life are…:
the relationships that are important to me are the ones that challenge me. as lives get busier, time becomes more precious, and some of my deepest connections are confined to text {hello angela?} i cherish the people who, just by their own noble and upright ways of living, infuse me stay on top of my game mentally, physically, emotionally, & spiritually.
What does a perfect day look and feel like?
oh good grief….is there enough coffee on the planet to make this day come true…coffee, my husband, our beasts, lots of napping, several jars of peanut butter, and one spoon just for me.
What is your legacy? (what do you want to be known for?)
besides setting the world record in number of peanut butter jars consumed?
it’s sappy-sappy but 100% true: my “happy” comes from helping others. it’s a visceral, goose-bumps on my forearms, rumbling in my belly, reaction when i get to take part in servicing another person’s wellbeing.
Best quote:
“promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate.”
How do you lift others up?
you’d have to ask them…but i try to be as honest and revealed as possible. i try to relate and connect to their emotions, whether it be joy, fear, or sadness. we all feel these feelings; sometimes all at the same time. i think so many people think they’re alone in their suffering when really all of us fall apart at least 10 times a day, even if it’s just for 30 seconds.
with my students or my readers i just let them know someone else is out there, too, falling apart with them.
If you had an extra hour in a day, how would you spend it?
emotionally eating. duh?
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