Hello world!

My very first blog. I feel so official! When I was sixteen years young and yearned for romantic comedies to mold my idea of what a perfect future would look like I came across the gem of a movie, Down to You. Lame, yes, but, I was sixteen and this was the cool movie in 1999. There is a song on the soundtrack that I still listen to on repeat.This song is so fitting of what I envision this blog to be about. Check out these lyrics:

Hello World by Belle Perez

Hello world, this is me. Life should be, fun for everyone

Every now and then I get insecure, let me show you life can be so pure

Seize the day, wear a big happy smile on your face

In every life, a little rain will fall, that won’t change my attitude at all

You are you, I am me, we will all be free

Hello world, this is me. Life should be, fun for everyone

Life is easy if you wear a smile

Just be yourself, don’t ever change your style

….and so it repeats….

My blog is called pureleighliving because I believe in living a life of purity. Pure mind, pure body and pure spirit. This blog is for my friends, family, co-workers, acquaintances, the general public who I have never met. In my twenty-eight years of living I have met some incredible people who have inspired me, challenged me, hurt me, loved me and help mold me into the woman I am today. I am imperfect at best, but I am learning to bask in that imperfection and take glory in the journey of living my life through a lens of love rather then fear. I am not an expert of living life, but I have made some great decisions, poor choices and bold mistakes, all of which I learned from greatly. To date, I would say my worst mistake is not letting people “in”. I have lived most of this life buried behind my wall for no reason other than fear of being hurt. Yes, I know there are some deep seeded issues that lie in that life choice, but I am  growing everyday and the more I am opening up and letting this world in and letting this world know my imperfections, my flaws and my soul,  I am in turn accepting myself.

Pureleighliving is all about making good choices to have a pure mind, pure body and pure spirit.

Pure mind:  yoga, meditation, healthy relationships, strong friendships, fitness programming, open communication, goal-minded, driven, honesty, loyalty, dreamer/optimism

Pure body: yoga, fitness any way you can get it, nutrition, style, confidence, mind-body connection and community

Pure spirit: yoga, meditation, clear mind, open heart, willingness to study the good, the bad and the ugly of ourselves, attitude of change, gratitude, honor and commitment

These are just a few buzz words, feelings and topics that I want to share with the world. More to come…but this is a great foundation.

Let me preface this but saying I am not an expert, but I am believer in what the philosophy of yoga has done for my mind, body and spirit. As a believer and advocate for the practice I have been able to change my life for the better and truly start to live through a lens of love.

So…I invite you to be a part of this journey with me…comment, connect, share. I am opening up to this world, will you join me???



14 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Angela! Huge congratulations on your journey to enlighten yourself! I am so stoked to hear such positivity! Not that you weren’t positive in the time that I got to know you, but just the great things you have to say and offer. Keep on doing a great job in letting the World know the great things that you have to offer her and, again, congratulations! Very exciting! – Matt Curmi

  2. Wow Angela! Very impressive…you exude such insight, knowledge, sophistication, and grace. I’m very proud to be your cousin. 🙂

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